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17 Years of Experience

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Air AC Karaikudi provides desirable services for all kinds of home appliances such as Washing machines, AC, Fridges, TV, Micro oven, RO & etc.. We have well-trained & professional technicians to fix major home appliances issues. Due to a busy work schedule spending time to get your appliance fixed is really hard. So we are here to save your valuable time & money.

Your home is all set with useful appliances to do the tasks. Your modern washing machine, Your refrigerator, Your air conditioner, Your LCD/LED TV, Your microwave, Your water purifier all these appliances are mere machines. As the days, months, and years go by, they go through unseen inner damages. One fine day, your appliance just shuts down. In bygone days, you needed to take your appliance to the vendor to get it repaired. are you sure of the honesty and expertise of these technicians? Air Ac Service provides professional appliance repair in every part of Karaikudi.


Our Mission

To create encore experiences that customers can't wait to share with others. To protect and serve the consumers while ensuring a fair and competitive market.


Our Vision

We will achieve the highest standard of customer satisfaction through Customer Relationship Management. To be the appliance service leader renowned for integrity and dependability.

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